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Exam paper solved European Baccalaureate Mathematics 3 Periods Part A Ju...

👨🏻‍🎓 In this video I solve an exam of the European Baccaulaureate (BAC) of the European School. The exam is for the subject of mathematics, 3 periods. It is the part A, without a calculator and corresponds to the June 2018 convocatory.

⚠️ The exam is solved in detail.

🔍 The exam can be useful to review all the subject teached during the course or to review a specific aspect of the subject.

⚡️The video timing would be⚡️:

Exercise 1, 0:38. Logarithmic equation.
Exercise 2, 2:14. Geometric meaning of the derivative.
Exercise 3, 3:46. Derivatives.
Exercise 4, 4:35. Calculation of integrals.
Exercise 5, 5:27. Calculation of areas using integrals.
Exercise 6, 7:31. Probability.
Exercise 7, 9:17. Binomial Distributio.
Exercise 8, 11:46. Stadistics.

😀 I hope it is useful to you 😀

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